In what kind of world do we want to live?

We live in a world where culture has created significant gaps between men and women. This gender structure is clearly unfair. Nevertheless we can take actions that make the world a better place. Our Living with Gender team helps to transform injustices clearly and effectively. We are a diverse and varied team. And we are guided by the principles of equality and justice between men and women, both for our own benefit and for that of humanity.

Our solutions are intended as much for the public sector as for the private sector, for men and for women, for adults and children. We offer both a global vision and a specialized focus informed by experience in different regions. Moreover we have the support of the greatest experts in the world.

The objective of our Think Tank for Equality is to create collaborative links between the spheres of public, private and civil society in order to transform ideas into concrete solutions to equality issues.

Equality is indispensable if we are to achieve a better world in the face of a changing and challenging reality. Therefore, we offer solutions that integrate the goal of equality into Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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