A Think Tank for Equality

We are a laboratory for ideas on equality, searching for practical ways to transform the inequalities that exist between women and men through our ideas and experience. We have a diverse team of colleagues that reflects the world we live in, with an equal number of men and women.

We combine our conceptual rigour with practical experience, while having the support of world class experts. We consult and collaborate with the best professionals in the field to develop our projects.

We offer individualized solutions for both the public and private sector but, above all, Living with Gender is a goal, a place where, once reached, women and men can live with greater equality.

We are a reference point in the field of gender equality at the international level, with professionals trained at the best universities in the world. They also have experience in different regions, countries and institutions, such as the United Nations and Oxfam.

Our activities in the field of gender studies are developed with the greatest rigour and encompass a variety of other disciplines including economy, sociology, political science, anthropology, biology, technology and psychoanalysis. Equality is related to a multitude of sciences and disciplines and we are certain that, in order to achieve it, we must include focused interventions that improve the material conditions of people - their income and resources - as well as deeper and more personal approaches that bring about the cultural change needed to achieve equality.

Beyond ideas, we rely on technology to help us, using the most up-to-date processes and platforms to reach more people more efficiently. We are fully aware of and sensitive to the fact that technology itself brings both benefits and risks to the lives of women and men.

Finally, we do not just make endless lists of good intentions. We understand complex political and technical processes and we know how to create public policy. We achieve results. Solutions for Equality.

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